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Sex sells a new vodka

Sex sells, and it’s helping to sell Bellion Vodka, a new specialty vodka being rolled out across California and other markets around the country this month.

To tell people about their product, the New York-based firm behind the vodka has introduced two new video commercials featuring gorgeous, sexy women, such as above. Got my attention, I’m not afraid to say. Continue reading

How Keith Richards boosted the Tequila Sunrise, and other good cocktail stories

When Keith Richards was in his hard-partying prime in the 1970s, he and his fellow band mates on the Rolling Stones showed up one night at the Trident, a watering hole in Sausalito on the edge of San Francisco Bay, looking for some alcoholic refreshments. Richards ordered a margarita and the bartender, a creative mixmaster named Bobby Lozoff, served him something different instead: a then mostly unknown drink of tequila, orange juice and grenadine.

Richards loved the Tequila Sunrise, as it was called, and it rapidly became his go-to party drink. His fame, and the fame of the Stones, helped spread the fame of their favorite cocktail, and the Tequila Sunrise became not just a mere drink but a cultural touchstone for that era of rock ‘n roll. The Eagles’ hit song “Just Another Tequila Sunrise” added to the popularity of Lozoff’s invention.

This story—and the accompanying recipe—is only one of the many nice treats in Beach Cocktails: Favorite Surfside Sips and Bar Snacks (Oxmoor House, $25), a new book by the editors of Coastal Living Magazine that contains the recipes for 125 cocktails. Generously illustrated with photographs of tropical sand and surf scenes, the theme here is that of the beach—light, refreshing cocktails that you might enjoy in your leisure on the beach, or on your backyard patio, in those lazy hazy days of summer.

Keith Richards.

The cocktail that Lozoff did not serve Richards that day, the margarita, is of course here. As are The Drunken Sailor, Caribbean Rum Swizzle, Sex on the Beach, Key Lime Gimlet, the Bahama Hurricane, Missionary’s Downfall, Singapore Sling, and other delightfully named and often quite delicious concoctions that Richards in his prime probably also imbibed.
A good cocktail, like a good book or movie, has a good story attached to it. Beach Cocktails has many such stories, such as: Continue reading

A hip cocktail bar in Brooklyn

One of the hippest cocktail bars in one of the hippest neighborhoods in Brooklyn—“the coolest city on the planet,” according to an overheated GQ—is Hotel Delmano on Berry Street in the perpetually trending Williamsburg neighborhood.

Vice Media kingpin Shane Smith (his company makes the Vice news show on HBO) holds forth on his version of the Algonquin Round Table there, and hipsters and aspiring hipsters nightly pack the place in multiples. It features eye-catching décor—“like the way you imagined adulthood would look when you were a ninth grader reading ‘The Great Gatsby,’ said one writer who has the prose style to write for Vice—and serves small plates and Long Island oysters, New Orleans bayou shrimp and Maine crab. Continue reading