Looking for a good writer to write a spot press release or help strategize a media campaign? Look no more.

Kevin Nelson, the editor and chief writer of WineTravel Adventure, has had experience in all forms of media: Books, Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, Television, Blogging, Social Media, and Websites.

As such, he has a unique understanding of how to capture the media’s attention. His skills and experience may be useful to your company and organization for the writing of press releases, brochures, sponsored content, label copy, and other forms of media outreach.

He knows how reporters and media people think and operate, and he can help you target your message to reach them, as these two recent clients can testify:

“Kevin not only wrote a superb press release for us that got the results we were looking for, he gave us excellent coaching and tips on how to approach reporters and the media so they will listen to you and write about you. He speaks the media’s language.”

—Cynthia Calmenson, Executive Director, Integrated Medical Clinic of Santa Rosa

“Kevin oversaw our traditional media outreach, wrote press releases, did follow-ups, handled our social media, and got the word out to people so they would come to our art festival. He is an expert on the media and knows it as only a media person can.”

—Daryl Simms, President, Scene on the Strait 

Nelson has helped other companies and organizations in addition to these two. If you’re interested in finding out how he can help you gain media attention for your product or service, email him at kevinlnelson@comcast.net.