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Rodin’s ‘The Thinker’

What is he thinking about? This is the question to be forever pondered by art lovers as they stand and contemplate Auguste Rodin’s monumental tribute to the contemplative act, “The Thinker.”

Originally designed to depict Dante in a small-scale sculptural display about “The Divine Comedy,” “The Thinker” under the artist’s touch evolved into a kind of Everyman, albeit a very tall one—six foot six inches tall.

Cast in bronze, he is naked and seated on a pedestal. He leans forward, elbow on knee, his chin resting on his hand in a position mimicked by Dobie Gillis and countless others over the years in TV, the arts, and life.

The first large format version of “The Thinker” debuted in Paris in 1904, when its creator was an old man. His genius work of art will never grow old.

Now there are multiple casts of “The Thinker” in museums around the world including this one at San Francisco’s Legion of Honor, which visitors see in the courtyard as they approach the front entrance. There are dozens of other gorgeous Rodins in the museum’s collection as well. Plus, the hilltop setting offers spectacular views of another San Francisco landmark: the Golden Gate Bridge.—Kevin Nelson

Adventures in California and Canada—and another on the way

By Kevin Nelson

My editors at reminded me the other day that I had been writing for the site for two years, and during that time I’ve met some wonderful people and gone on some extraordinary adventures. Here are a few of those adventures, all recommended:

A bagpipes player at the start of the Rockies trip.

A bagpipes player at the start of the Rockies trip.

Rocky Mountaineer train trip across the Canadian Rockies. Starting in the wonderful British Columbia city of Vancouver and ending in the spectacular mountain village of Banff, this was a two-day ride through ridiculously beautiful scenery with tasty food and wine included. Those Canadians are nice people, too. Continue reading

Eat chocolate and save the world

Chocolate 2“Eat more,” bestselling food writer Simran Sethi told the Wall Street Journal. “Eat better chocolate. This is the path to saving the planet.”

In the interests of saving the planet, or at least having a really good time, we recently sampled an assortment of tinyB Chocolates, which are handmade by a Brazilian chocolatier named Renata. The box they came in was an attractive turquoise, similar to a Tiffany box, and when we popped the lid we found 15 chocolate “brigadeiros,” as they are called. The six flavors were spicy dark chocolate, milk chocolate, almond, pistachio, coconut and cream, and passion fruit with white chocolate curls. Continue reading

A San Francisco fish restaurant with a love for the sea

By Jennifer Kaiser

After a delightful morning at a San Francisco museum, stopping for lunch is a must. While museum cafés have improved their offerings in recent years, it’s worth making the effort to drive to find one of two Woodhouse Fish locations.

Woodhouse SFThe first happy surprise is the contemporary nautical décor, witty while still conveying a love of the sea, and the people who make their living from it. A flat screen monitor showing a changing array of fishermen, beaches, and ships is surrounded by a large antique picture frame. A childlike whale drawing is framed as if it were fine art, and a full size model of a giant squid floats over the doorway.

The food honors the love of the sea as well. Crisp fish and chips ($12/$16), Baha-style fish tacos ($15), and an authentic Maine lobster roll ($19/$27) are just right, and the wine and beer offerings suit the menu beautifully. A cool, crisp glass of minerally Frog’s Leap sauvignon blanc ($10) or any of the draft beers on tap, including Anchor Stream, Big Eye IPA or Scrimshaw ($6), nicely balance the richness of the fish. Not a drinker? Try their charming do-it-yourself Arnold Palmer ($5). You’ll get small carafes of fresh lemon juice, ice tea, and simple syrup to blend as you wish.

The fish tacos: just right.

The fish tacos: just right.

Woodhouse Fish Co., 1914 Fillmore Street, San Francisco. 11:30 a.m.-10 p.m., Sunday-Thursday; 11:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., Friday-Saturday. At 2073 Market Street, San Francisco: 11:30 a.m.- 9:30 p.m., Sunday-Thursday; 11:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., Friday-Saturday. (415) 437-CRAB (2722).

Jennifer Kaiser’s food and dining reviews appear regularly in WineTravelAdventure.