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From Napa to New York, art, laughter and serious drinking

By Kevin Nelson

This is a California-based wine and travel blog, but sometimes I look longingly to the East and think, “Now that would be fun.” And so it is with the upcoming (January 21) “Drunk 2016: An Evening of Wine, Jewish Text Study, Art, Music, Theater and Imbibing,” to be held at the Theater at the 14th Street Y in Manhattan. Organizers of the event say it is devoted to “art, humor and some serious drinking.” If that strikes you as a good time too, see the website for the Laboratory for Jewish Culture in New York. Continue reading

A restaurant find on New York’s Upper West Side: Risotteria

By Jennifer Kaiser

A recent trip to New York for a visit and the hit show “Hamilton” led to the discovery of a wonderful Upper West Side neighborhood eatery. I am a big fan of risotto, but have stopped ordering it in restaurants, preferring the taste and texture of homemade. Timing is key to a good risotto, and the reality in most restaurant kitchens means that the risotto is either crunchy (which they will try to tell you is al dente but is actually under-done) or too dry. The joy of making risotto is the slow, steady, Zen-like stirring, and anyone who has spent time near a professional kitchen knows that slow and steady are not helpful habits when you’re trying to get 75 different plates to hungry diners at the same time.

The Italian sausage and Portobello risotto.

The Italian sausage and Portobello risotto.

Enter Risotteria, with two locations in Manhattan: one in the West Village and the other on the Upper West Side where we ate. The business is owned and operated by Chef Joseph Pace (awarded two stars by The New York Times), and is certified gluten free. Continue reading

Unmistakable Cleveland, land of LeBron

By Dave Nelson

Do you consider Paris passé? Manhattan mediocre? Tokyo tiresome? It may be time to check out the newest global hotspot: Cleveland. You read that correctly. Cleveland. Ohio. The former “Mistake by the Lake.” The city that Detroit used to mock. That Cleveland. I have seen it with my own eyes.

Cleveland's colorful and lively Warehouse District.

Cleveland’s colorful and lively Warehouse District.

I hadn’t been in Cleveland for at least a decade. My wife was scheduled to attend a marketing conference there so I decided to tag along. I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do. I have friends there I hadn’t seen for a while. Or I could take in a ballgame at Progressive Field. If I were completely bored, I could just sit in some downtown dive, downing shots and commiserating with the locals about the good ol’ days.

I am happy to report I was enormously mistaken about Cleveland. The town has rebounded quite nicely. (Yes, that is a basketball pun because the NBA Finals between the Cavs and Golden State begin today.) Nowadays, the only “Mistake by the Lake” is the out-of-date impression most people have of the city. Continue reading

Aha! WineTravelAdventure scoops the Wall Street Journal

Is the mighty Wall Street Journal following WineTravelAdventure and stealing—uh sorry, borrowing—story ideas from us? Let’s examine the evidence:Wall Street Journal

1. Thursday, May 22. We run an article entitled, “2 ways to be fit in Napa Valley (and have some wine after).” It talks about the pilates and yoga classes being offered by two Napa Valley wineries, Vineyard 29 and Domaine Carneros.

2. Accompanying the article are photographs of women doing yoga at Domaine and pilates at Vineyard 29. Continue reading

A hip cocktail bar in Brooklyn

One of the hippest cocktail bars in one of the hippest neighborhoods in Brooklyn—“the coolest city on the planet,” according to an overheated GQ—is Hotel Delmano on Berry Street in the perpetually trending Williamsburg neighborhood.

Vice Media kingpin Shane Smith (his company makes the Vice news show on HBO) holds forth on his version of the Algonquin Round Table there, and hipsters and aspiring hipsters nightly pack the place in multiples. It features eye-catching décor—“like the way you imagined adulthood would look when you were a ninth grader reading ‘The Great Gatsby,’ said one writer who has the prose style to write for Vice—and serves small plates and Long Island oysters, New Orleans bayou shrimp and Maine crab. Continue reading