Kevin Nelson, editor of WineTravelAdventure, has written more than 20 books. Here is a short list of some of them, with notes on each by Kevin. All are available for ordering, happy reading and gift giving!




Both Foodie Snob and Running Snob are being released this spring, 2017, by Lyons Press. The books are, we hope, the beginning of an ongoing series intended for snobs—and non-snobs. Anyone who loves to eat, or run, will enjoy these books. They’re filled with humor, advice, quizzes, trivia, good stories, and other fun stuff. A previous running book of mine, The Runner’s Book of Daily Inspiration, has motivated thousands of runners to keep running and is still available on Kindle.


If you collect memorabilia or autographs, you’ll want to have this book. It is a true story—and a riveting one at that. A crime story about a gang of Southern California forgers who forged the autographs of sports superstars and ripped off American consumers for $100 million until they were busted by an undercover FBI operation. Optioned by Hollywood for the movies and made into a TV documentary.



An award-winning look at baseball and its role in California history, The Golden Game received glowing reviews from the San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Times, Publishers Weekly, Sports Illustrated, and more. It was featured as a top summer reading pick on NBC’s Today Show and was made into a documentary that was shown on public TV stations around the country. If you’re a baseball fan, The Golden Game and Operation Bullpen are a winning pair.


One of my personal favorites—a first-person account of one of the most extraordinary people I have ever met, Kjell Qvale, who packed an enormous amount of living and accomplishment in his 95 years. A Norwegian immigrant who came to America unable to read or speak English, he became a wildly successful automobile entrepreneur who basically invented the import car business in this country, among many other achievements. If you like cars, you’ll like this book. Recognized for “Excellence in Automotive History,” by the Society of Automotive Historians, the second time I have won this award. The first was for an earlier automobile history of mine, Wheels of Change.


Being the father of four children is undoubtedly my greatest achievement in life, along with being married to an amazing woman for 19 years. This is part of The Everything series by Adams Media and contains a wealth of hard-earned advice and information for expectant fathers, with humor. Last I heard from the publisher, it had sold more than 200,000 copies.