Sex sells, and it’s helping to sell Bellion Vodka, a new specialty vodka being rolled out across California and other markets around the country this month.

To tell people about their product, the New York-based firm behind the vodka has introduced two new video commercials featuring gorgeous, sexy women, such as above. Got my attention, I’m not afraid to say.

In one of the videos a blonde in a skimpy nightie crawls backwards on a bed and asks the camera invitingly, as if to a lover coming into bed with her, “Do you have protection?” The protection, in this case, is Bellion Vodka which, the ad states, is “made with NTX.”

What is NTX, you ask? That is the subject of the second commercial, this one beginning with a raven-haired beauty seated alone at a bar having a cocktail. A man comes on to her and asks what she’s drinking. When the bartender answers, “She’s having Bellion with NTX,” it draws a puzzled expression from the man, who happily lets the raven-haired beauty lean into his ear and whisper the secret. Suddenly, another man steps up behind him and zaps him with a magical taser-like device that makes him forget everything he has just learned.

“Created with NTX. That’s all we’re allowed to say,” concludes the spot.

Besides sex, high tech also sells, and NTX, according to the company, is a breakthrough new technology that cost $40 million to develop and infuses natural ingredients into the alcohol to make it healthier for drinkers and less harmful to the liver. It is distilled six times and carbon-filtered. Its taste is slightly sweet; this is due to the licorice root extract that is used in the manufacturing process.

To be honest, I found the vodka to be a tad too sweet for my tastes, but to paraphrase H.L. Mencken, no one ever went broke underestimating the sweet tooth of American consumers. Flavored alcohol is popular, as are flavored water, sweet coffee drinks, and soda, so Bellion may be right on trend here. Recently on a hot, hot day in May, when anything liquid looked desirable, we made a Christopher Robin cocktail using the NTX-infused vodka. Although Bellion’s website suggests some recipes, we went with a Winnie the Pooh-inspired one from a leading beach cocktails book. The Christopher Robin has honey in it, of course, along with vodka and lemon juice. The lemons came from our backyard tree and the honey from a local Mare Island honey producer. With just the right amount of lemon juice the drink became a sweetly refreshing rebuttal to the heat.

After vodka, Bellion plans to introduce a number of other spirits into the market with NTX technology. We’ll look forward to those—and the commercials.—Kevin Nelson

Vodka and alcohol trivia: On a separate but related note, two of the top 10 alcohol brands in the country, by sales, are vodka. According to a leading market research firm, the top sellers are: 1. Jack Daniel’s 2. Smirnoff Vodka 3. Tito’s Vodka 4. Hennessy 5. Crown Royal 6. Jameson 7. Bacardi 8. Captain Morgan Rum 9. Jim Bean Bourbon 10. Johnnie Walker.