Is the mighty Wall Street Journal following WineTravelAdventure and stealing—uh sorry, borrowing—story ideas from us? Let’s examine the evidence:Wall Street Journal

1. Thursday, May 22. We run an article entitled, “2 ways to be fit in Napa Valley (and have some wine after).” It talks about the pilates and yoga classes being offered by two Napa Valley wineries, Vineyard 29 and Domaine Carneros.

2. Accompanying the article are photographs of women doing yoga at Domaine and pilates at Vineyard 29.

3. Now hear this, ladies and gentlemen of the jury: One week later, on May 28, the Journal publishes “New Way to Pair Wine—With Yoga,” an article about—get ready—how mainly women are going to wineries to not only have a glass of wine, but to participate in pilates and yoga classes!

4. And you’ll never guess two of the wineries prominently featured in the article. Well, maybe you will: Vineyard 29 and Domaine Carneros! Granted the Journal nationalized the article with some filler about how this phenomenon is also occurring in New York’s wine country, but the focus is Napa Valley, just like in our article.

5. Even the Journal’s photo composition—shooting the participants from behind, with the vineyard in front of them—bears similarities to the ones we ran.

Can all of this be explained by mere coincidence? We think not. The evidence is irrefutable, case closed. You’re welcome, Wall Street Journal, and be sure to keep following WineTravelAdventure for all the latest trends and happenings in the world of wine, spirits and travel.

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